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how to send large files through email

GateFile is a free temporary file hosting, the service is intended only as 48 hours storage space for sending large attachments.

GateFile can help you easily send large files up to 1GB

GateFile is the best free service for sharing temporary files with friends, family or colleagues, what does this mean? the best thing to share personal files or large projects hard to send via email is to use a service which makes it possible to download that file within 2 days and after this deadline destroy the file without leaving a trace on the web.

In this way no one has to worry about having to register on a file sharing site to check uploads or upload files on sites where is impossible to delete them manually, with GateFile share your personal files with the certainty that no one can find your shares and no trace will remain after the download.
What can I do with GateFile?
You can share up to 1000MB (1GB) per file without limits.
You can encrypt the download with a password.
You can send files via email directly from GateFile.
You can manually delete the file before the 48 hours.
You can check how many times the file was downloaded.
You can share on social networks from the download page.

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